The New American Civil War

A Civil War is going on in the USA.
For years, it was going on, but burst into full-scale war on January 6, 2021, when the Globalist sealed their Election Victory.

This war has two irreconcilable philosophies.
The “Globalists” – The upcoming government, with Joe Biden as the president, the Democrat Party, and a significant part of the Republican Party.
The “America First” – President Donald Trump’s supporters and a part of the Republican Party

The “Globalists,” which from now on I will call “America Last,” won a significant battle, the 2020 election.
There is no fraud, fair, or cheating in a war only a loser and a winner. In this battle, “America Last” is the winner and “America First” is the loser.

Following its great success, “America Last” went into a full-scale war for which “America First” was unprepared.
This war does not use guns, but a much more powerful weapon, control of communication and information,  “America Last” has won in Weaponizing the Internet.

With their allies, the “Big Tech” such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple, “America Last” managed to destroy “America First” channels of communications.
Again, it makes no difference if it is right, wrong, legal or not. It is a war; the final winner will decide what was correct and lawful.

“America First” did not see it coming.

“America Last” is celebrating their victories, and “America First” is licking their wounds and trying to re-group.

I belong to “America First.”
I believe that this full-scale war only started, and “America Last” is making a huge mistake by underestimating the resilience and dedication of “America First.”

1 thought on “The New American Civil War

  1. Reed

    Fascism is not “America First”. Fascism means the privatization of government in favor of the private concerns that control the vital sectors of the American economy. The “America First” slogan is a misnomer.



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