Ayn Rand the smallest minority is the individual

The smallest minority on earth is the individual

An individual is a person separate from other persons and possessing his or her own needs, goals, and desires.

This site promotes individualism and self-preservation

We believe and support:
The right for Self Preservation.
Equality for Men and Women.
Equality for all races and colors
The Ten Commandments – With the freedom of being religious or atheist.
The constitution of the United States

We object and resent:

Any discrimination, including discrimination enforced by affirmative actions of any kind
Tyranny, and Dictatorship
Big governments and restriction of personal freedom
Any “Charity” inforced by law
Globalism and shifting powers from local communities to states and the Federal government

Other ideas and mottos we promote:

The golden rule; “Do not do to others what you hate if done to you.”
We believe in the right to self-preservation as well stated in another ancient saying; “The one who wakes up intending to kill you, wake up earlier, and kill him.”
We are not trying to be “politically correct.”
We believe that charity should start at home.
There are no “Holy Cows,” and nothing is above reproach.



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