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Abolish the IRS

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Senator Rand Paul and Citizens United

Senator Rand Paul and Citizens United are leading the charge to ABOLISH THE IRS. Sign the petition today!

Official Citizens United Petition To Abolish The Internal Revenue Service
Whereas, the Internal Revenue Service has been exposed as having targeted conservative groups and individuals for excessive investigation and scrutiny;

Whereas, the same Internal Revenue Service gave speedy approval of liberal groups during the same time period;

Whereas, the Internal Revenue Service is by law required to act without prejudice or concern for political affiliation in exercising its duties;

Whereas, the United States of America is a country founded on the principles of free speech, freedom of religion, and the idea of personal privacy and whereby the citizens are free to exercise their political and religious beliefs without fear of persecution by the Government;

Whereas, the Internal Revenue Service willfully and purposefully infringed on the rights of millions of law abiding Americans;

Be it now therefore resolved that we, the undersigned, demand the immediate abolishment of the Internal Revenue Service in favor of a simplified, streamlined, easy to understand tax code that will save the American people millions of dollars a year in compliance costs and time spent conforming to the IRS’ burdensome regulations and further,

That the Internal Revenue Service be abolished in its entirety by Congress without delay, excuses, or prevarication.

So say the people of the United States as witnessed below by our signatures:

The Tea Party

The disgraceful federal income tax would be considered an abomination by our America’s Founding Fathers. Plank II, of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, calls for: “A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.” The United States now has the most “progressive” income tax in the world. Are we the “land of the free?”

When the current federal income tax was established in 1913, the tax return consisted of only one page and the entire tax code itself consisted of only 14 pages, with a minimum tax of one-percent and a maximum tax on the extremely wealthy of only seven-percent. Today, the tax code is almost 74,000 pages (over 23 feet high) of largely incomprehensible gobbledygook.

Progressive politicians sold it to the American people as a TEMPORARY tax to fund WWI. It was also under consideration, to protect the taxpayer, to have a constitutional MAXIMUM rate of 10%, but that rate was seen as so unimaginably high that it was deemed unnecessary. As usual, politicians lied to the American people.

If we simply rolled back the size of government to 2006 levels (wasn’t government big enough then?), when the federal budget was still a bloated $2.7 trillion (now it’s a gargantuan, $3.8 trillion), we could save the $1.1 trillion (2010) brought in from the individual federal income tax and….


The IRS has been a tyrannical politburo for years, and both parties have abused its massive power to some degree. In fact, Article 2, Section 1, of Richard Nixon’s Articles of Impeachment was because of his use of the Internal Revenue Service to target political opponents.  However, never has government corruption been so widely spread than by corrupt, wannabe Marxist dictator, Barack Obama and his minions of thuggery. 

Unproductive compliance costs, according to the Tax Foundation, approximate $400 billion per year, is money completely wasted on bureaucracy and tyranny!  The federal tax system serves the selfish goals of lobbyists, politicians, and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. and is a depressing, economic nightmare for the rest who foot the bill.

Tax Day, April 15th, has become an unnecessary major source of stress and anxiety for millions of hardworking American taxpayers kept up at night wondering if they’ve complied with the impossible tax code. Our tax system punishes productivity, success, hard work, innovation, savings and investment and, after paying taxes on the same dollars several times, even death is considered a taxable event.

We need to return to a system where taxes are fairly collected to fund the legitimate functions of government. The Founding Fathers never envisioned an income tax, which is why it took the 16th Amendment to get it passed. Our present tax system is politicized and manipulated to shape citizen behavior and redistribute wealth (the richest 1% pay 40% of all income tax, but earn 23% of all income). This is accomplished by fanning the divisive flames of class hatred to buy votes and hand out political favors to whichever special-interest group has the most high-powered lobbyists and tax attorneys.

It is completely naive to think that the current monstrosity can be properly and fairly “reformed” or “simplified”. Multiple failed attempts have been made to simplify and reform the current system, only to see complexity return in short order. We can do better. We must and we can.

We’ve won two World Wars and put men on the moon, so changing our tax system is achievable and necessary for our economic survival.