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Vote for Trump!

Anti-Hillary Clinton protestors don’t show disrespect to the American flag!
Anti-Berny Sanders protestors don’t show disrespect to the American flag!


Guys, this make it ALL clear!
The American “human trash” are against Trump.
They hate  Trump, They hate America, They hate all the things we respect and love.





The Republican establishment – Traitors

Judge Jeanine Warns Treasonous GOP Elites – Revolution Is Coming, Be Very Careful

Judge Pirro leads off her Opening Statement segment saying, “So, you don’t like Donald Trump,” as she jumps to an example of the power grabbing by the establishment elites. “You’re going to create a ‘unity ticket’ of other candidates to make sure that he doesn’t win. Say again?” Judge Jeanine then explores the fallacies, risks, and recklessness of that approach.

“You want to stop one of the biggest vote getter in your own party’s Republican primary history? Donald Trump must be stopped is the Republican Party’s mantra. Hey, I didn’t always like my party’s choice for president but I generally supported him.”

She observes, “Good that Trump is a white male otherwise they’d be accused of being racist. And lucky Trump’s not gay; otherwise the Republican Party would be accused of being homophobic. So let me see if I understand this. The guy who keeps winning, despite his being called a misogynist, a racist, a xenophobe, who has more than fifty percent of the delegates with even as many as seventeen other Republicans in those primaries, and the Republican Party’s mission is to block Trump’s nomination? What are you guys smoking?”

She asks herself why the Republicans would try to sabotage their own frontrunner and risk a Democrat winning the White House and acknowledges that she keeps coming up with the same answer. The Republican establishment elected officials and party leaders are in bed with the Democrats. So if Hillary wins, nothing’s lost for them. It’s business as usual, the lobbyists keep their offices on “K” St, the pharmaceutical companies keep paying them, the unions keep adding to their pensions and the lawmakers get their reelection bribes, I mean, contributions.”

She continues, “While we, the underclass, have to work two and three jobs, rack up a debt our children and grandchildren are going to have to pay for generations. And to scare you into submission, they predict Trump cannot win the general election.” She asks if that is the case, then “Why does he keep winning the primaries and drawing crowds like we’ve never seen in American primary history

She cites statistics which indicate that in addition to appealing to the base, Trump is winning with independents and Democrats as well, asking, “Does that not bode well for the general election, especially against an establishment politician most people consider untrustworthy and dishonest?

“So now they say he’s divisive,” says Pirro, who then points out that all of the chaos-dispensing  groups predate Trump, including Black Lives Matter and, as well as the melees in Ferguson and Baltimore. She calls it astonishing that the Republicans are plotting against their own frontrunner.  But she knows why.

She notes that under the current political configuration, no matter who wins, the entrenched power structure doesn’t lose. Their jobs, offices and lifestyles remain intact as they “continue on their treadmill of DC money and power.  The party elders are petrified of Trump. The man is beholden to no one. He wins and it’s game over for the elites. With Hillary, the game goes on.”

Judge Pirro warns, “Heads up Washington, we’re not listening to you anymore because we’re fed up. You haven’t fixed a damn thing and we can’t take it anymore; the lies, the corruption, the debt, the taxes, the invasion, the freebies, the lack of accountability, sanctuary cities, religions forced to violate their own faith by providing birth control at the altar of Obamacare.”

She describes what is wrong with the direction the nation is being led and how we will not allow it to continue, how the good guys in law enforcement and our military are not the enemy and the anti-American forces currently manipulating many Americans are not our friends.

She closes saying, “You know from the beginning, we knew this would be a political revolution. Be careful boys, be very, very careful. You don’t want to make this a different kind of revolution.”

End of Free Speech in America


Judge Jeanine to Trump Protesters: ‘The Silent Majority Will Not Be Silenced’

“Since when if you verbally lean right are you responsible for the left’s physical reaction?”
Judge Jeanine Pirro weighed the question in her opening statement Saturday night on Justice, in light of the recent violence seen at Donald Trump rallies.

“Since when if you state an opinion are you responsible for someone’s reaction?” she asked. “Since when do you have the right to interrupt my First Amendment right to listen to a candidate for the highest office in the land?”

“This is America. Not the Soviet Union,” said Judge Jeanine.

“Your free speech, if it differs from mine, doesn’t mean that you’re right and I’m wrong, and therefore I must be silenced.

But that is exactly what the left tried to do in Chicago last night, and again moments ago in Kansas City to more than 25,000 who came to hear Donald Trump.”

Protesters, of course, have the right to dissent, said Judge Jeanine.

But “you cannot defend assault by arguing verbal provocation,” she warned.

“This is America, you cannot stop us and you cannot silence us. Beware the sleeping giant – the silent majority of us. We will not be silenced.”

Watch Judge Jeanine’s opening statement above, and read the full transcript below.

And tell her what you think on her Facebook page or onTwitter @JudgeJeanine!

Since when if you state an opinion are you responsible for someone’s reaction?

Since when if you verbally lean right are you responsible for the left’s physical reaction?

Since when do you have the right to interrupt my First Amendment right to listen to a candidate for the highest office in the land?

This is America. Not the Soviet Union. This is America.

You cannot prevent me from speaking or listening. You cannot censor speech.  Free speech is guaranteed. It’s why our Founding Fathers made it their very first amendment to the law of the land. It’s what distinguishes us from communist countries and totalitarian regimes. It’s why people risk their lives to come here.

Your free speech however is not more important than mine. Your free speech, if it differs from mine, doesn’t mean that you’re right and I’m wrong, and therefore I must be silenced. But that is exactly what the left tried to do in Chicago last night, and again moments ago in Kansas City to more than 25,000 who came to hear Donald Trump.

Some supporters, some undecided, some simply curious. Others abject anarchists yelling, ‘Bernie, Bernie’ and responding to activists calls at ‘hashtag shut it down.’, organized and reportedly paid protestors to disrupt the event. One protestor– Sanders supporter, Tony Fitzpatrick, says he went to dissent, to ask those in attendance to please reconsider.

Really, Tony? Let’s get this straight – tens of thousands of people waiting in line for hours, stretching city blocks and you take it upon yourself to have a discourse on the benefits of a leftist socialist almost communist candidate? And pray tell us who were you going to pick to have this discourse with? 

You have the right to protest. If you want to dissent, dissent. Consider a blog, a tweet, hell, put a sign on your front lawn, how about vote for someone else.

But in a civilized society, you do not have the right to interrupt or censor political speech. Let us listen and make our own decisions.

But then again, Tony, it’s Chicago – where kids playing in the park are so used to gunfire they don’t even react, and where as many as 57 people can be shot in one weekend. I know – I lived there.

And you want to blame the dustup on Donald Trump? Even when protestors come for the specific purpose of creating chaos. Someone sucker punches someone else and then rightfully arrested, that’s supposed to be Trump’s fault?

A criminal law primer. Words do not justify violence. You cannot defend assault by arguing verbal provocation. Otherwise every man who battered a woman can say he was justified because she “mouthed off.”

Anytime you get 25,000-30,000 people anywhere, unless it’s to hear the Pope, there are going to be disagreements – especially in a highly charged election year. And by the way, ever been to a baseball game, a heavy metal concert?

And Marco Rubio, in his desperate attempt to criticize Trump, says:

These words have real consequences. Donald Trump has a big platform right now. He’s the front-runner in the Republican Part, and everybody is paying attention to what he’s saying and these words have consequences – when you’re President, even more so.

Words have consequences? Maybe under sharia law, where you can be murdered if you say something considered offensive. But not in the United States of America and not under our Constitution. 

And by the way, Marco, didn’t you say your parents came from Cuba to avoid a repressive regime? Stop being so small, Marco.

Americans have been angry for a long time. Barack Obama, the great hope-and-change unifier, has openly pitted the haves against the have-nots, the cops against the very public they defend.

We’ve never been more divided. Religions being forced to act against their principles, Republicans characterized as wanting dirty air and dirty water.

Conservatives are blocked from speaking at universities, the left so dictatorial that they will stop at nothing to prevent free speech, even in the cradle of education. Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, determined to disrupt our free discourse so they can control the narrative.

Look – any course correction after seven years of hazardous charting will be difficult and upending. The status quo – like the establishment – are petrified of Donald Trump to the point that they are willing to take action, the likes of which we’ve never seen in American politics.

The desperation of these anarchists is nothing more than an effort to suppress the protected rights upon which our republic was founded.

This is America, you cannot stop us and you cannot silence us. Beware the sleeping giant – the silent majority of us. We will not be silenced.

And that’s my open.

Donald Trump Ad

Whether you are for him or not, this is a fabulous ad!!!
Till now Trump hasn’t really spent any money on ads – he’s promoted himself and message for free at the expense of those who do NOT want him elected – THE MEDIA. 

BUT when he creates an ad ..WOW! (He really rattles their cages) “THE DONALD”
LOVE HIM, DOUBT HIM or HATE HIM – He is indeed shaking it up to the very core of our political system – which is a GOOD thing. 

It’s hard to believe that even Trump would have the ‘cojones’ to put this on the air.
Here is a rousing military medley that tells it how it is … the lyrics are clever and funny …  Obama is suitably recognized.  It’s a 2 minute video, watch:

Donald Trump weighs in on GOP debate controversy

Watch What Happens When O’Reilly Asks Trump The 1 ‘Embarrassing’ Question He Didn’t Want To Be Asked

“Would you do me a favor?”

Amid a discussion that was both heated and contentious, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly managed to get a smile out of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on his Wednesday night show.

However, he did not get Trump to change his mind and agree to attend Thursday’s Republican residential debate. In fact, O’Reilly had to agree that he had broken a pre-show agreement with Trump in which O’Reilly had promised not to bring up the debate.

O’Reilly trotted out a variety of logical arguments to get Trump to appear at the debate, but none worked.

O’Reilly accused Trump of being “petty,” and said Trump’s decision was flawed. “Would you say that right now, Donald Trump is a person who can let petty things influence him to the extent that he doesn’t do what maybe he should do?” O’Reilly asked.

“I don’t like being taken advantage of,” Trump said. “In this case I was being taken advantage of by Fox. I don’t like that. Now when I’m representing the country, if I win, I’m not going to let our country be taken advantage of. … It’s a personality trait but I don’t think it’s a bad personality trait.”

Then O’Reilly made his last-ditch case.

“Would you do me a favor? Look, you owe me it because I’ve bought you so many vanilla milkshakes!” O’Reilly said at last. “I’ve bought you so many vanilla milkshakes you owe me!”

Trump offered a smile in response, but no words.

“Will you just consider?” O’Reilly continued. “I want you to consider. Think about it. Say, ‘Look, I might come back forgive, go forward, answer the questions, look out for the folks.’ Just want you to consider it. You owe me milkshakes! I’ll take them off the ledger if you consider.”

“Well, even though you and I had an agreement that you wouldn’t ask me that, which we did, I will therefore forget that you asked me that,” Trump said.

O’Reilly admitted he had made that agreement.

“I told you up front don’t ask me that question because it’s an embarrassing question,” Trump added.

“But I’m not going to listen to any political person who tells me not to ask anything. But, you’re absolutely an honest man that I said I would try not to do it. But the milkshake thing just overwhelmed me. But I’m asking you to reconsider it,” O’Reilly said.

” … this odd exchange might tell us as much about Trump as anything else we’ve seen in his campaign. O’Reilly’s milkshake argument — and its ineffectiveness — is a prime example of just how strong Trump’s independent streak really is,” wrote Callum Borchers in The Washington Post.

Borchers noted that skipping the debate carries a risk for Trump.

“But bolstering his outsider image is more important. He wants voters to know that nothing — not even milkshakes — can make Donald J. Trump do something he doesn’t want to do,” Borchers wrote.