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The Rain Donkey

The king wanted to go fishing, and he asked the royal weather forecaster the forecast for the next few hours. The palace meteorologist assured him that there was no chance of rain.
So the king and the queen went fishing.
On the way, he met a man with a fishing pole riding on a donkey, and he asked the man if the fish were biting. The fisherman said, “Your Majesty, you should return to the palace. In just a short time I expect a huge rainstorm.”
The king replied: “I hold the palace meteorologist in high regard. He is an educated and experienced professional. Besides, I pay him very high wages. He gave me a very different forecast. I trust him.” So, the king continued on his way.
However, in a short time, torrential rain fell from the sky. The King and Queen were totally soaked. Furious, the king returned to the palace and gave the order to execute the meteorologist. Then he summoned the fisherman and offered him the prestigious position of royal forecaster.
The fisherman said, “Your Majesty, I do not know anything about forecasting. I obtain my information from my donkey. If I see my donkey’s ears drooping, it means with certainty that it will rain.” So, the king hired the donkey.
And so began the practice of hiring dumb asses to work in influential positions of government. And thus, the symbol of the Democrat Party was born.
The practice continues to this day.
Unknown author

My Sixth-Grade Socialist Indoctrination

The Objective Standard
By: Julian Markowit

In the spring of 2001, my sixth-grade class at Cedarvale Community School took part in a special Canadian government program intended to preserve “Canadian heritage” by interviewing older people and recording their thoughts.
My classmates and I visited a home for the elderly where we asked residents a series of questions and dutifully wrote down their responses. Though I doubt the historical utility of our crude reports, they were deemed sufficient to meet the criteria of the government program. For our efforts, my class was paid the princely sum of about $300.
My teacher, Ms. Botham, who contin¬uously infused the curriculum with her anticapitalist perspective, asked our class to decide collectively where we would like to donate the money. An impassioned debate ensued.
One girl proposed we donate to an ani¬mal shelter to save puppies. Another sug¬gested a food bank. One boy recommended a religious charity where he occasionally volunteered. Agreement seemed distant.
Then I had an idea. With an oversized 1990s calculator I determined that if we divided the proceeds equally among our¬selves, we would each receive about $12.
Ever the respectful and obedient student, I raised my hand to speak in the ongoing donation debate, waited my turn, and then shared what I thought was a real break¬through: “We don’t need to debate any longer!” I explained, immensely satisfied with my ingenuity and creative problem solving. “We can divide the money, and each can decide for himself what to do with his share,” I reasoned.
Unfortunately, my proposal never stood a chance. Before it could be considered on its merits by my classmates, Ms. Botham interjected. I still remember her anger and indignation. “Absolutely not,” she roared. “How selfish!” (So much for democratic decision making.)
Embarrassed, I countered that dividing the money did not imply that the funds would not be donated to charity, only that the funds could be donated by each to a cause according to his own conscience. Ms. Botham ignored my retort—and probably sensed that it was disingenuous.
Indeed it was. I didn’t think we should have to donate our share if we didn’t want to. I thought that if we worked for those funds, then we had earned them, and we should be free to use them as we pleased. There was no reason the choice should be collective.
Most students in my class came from very affluent families, sported the trendiest win¬ter jackets, the brightest gel pens, and the most buzzworthy lunchtime snacks (remem¬ber Spice Girls lollipops?), but others were from the “wrong side of the tracks” and seldom enjoyed these little luxuries. Why shouldn’t they use the funds they earned to indulge in a gel pen, or a lollipop, or whatever else their eleven-year-old hearts desired? Even socialist “logic” could have supported dividing the money in the name of increasing such opportunities for the poorer students among us.
Besides, Ms. Botham made much more money than we did, and we didn’t vote on the allocation of her salary. We didn’t mandate that she donate all (or even a por¬tion) of her money to charity. In fact, my elementary school education was regularly interrupted by teachers’ strikes. It was a little rich for a teacher (rightly or wrongly) to demand higher wages for herself and then deny us a paltry sum that could have made a meaningful difference in our lives.
I still remember, clearly, how Ms. Botham couldn’t wait to share her disdain for my individualist proposal. A couple of hours after Ms. Botham embarrassed me for raising the prospect that my classmates and I be paid individually for our work, the other sixth-grade teacher, Ms. Levitt, dropped in. Ms. Levitt and Ms. Botham were friends, and these visits were common. “Can you believe,” Ms. Botham asked loudly, so everyone could hear, “that Julian actually divided it up to see how much he would get?” Then both teachers cackled about how selfish I was.
Not only did Ms. Botham rush to embar¬rass a student—not only did she respond with an argument from intimidation instead of reason—not only did she miss an oppor¬tunity to “help the poor” among her own students—she also missed an opportunity to teach us the value of work.
Those eleven- and twelve-year-old students in my sixth-grade class are today part of the much-troubled millennial gen¬eration—a generation that is substantially confused about the relationship between effort and reward. Most of my generation, myself included, barely worked until late in our high-school careers, if then. I wonder how much better off my classmates might be today if, at that tender age, they were taught about earning money and spending it according to their own values—rather than about making sacrifices in the name of “virtue.”

The New American Civil War

A Civil War is going on in the USA.
For years, it was going on, but burst into full-scale war on January 6, 2021, when the Globalist sealed their Election Victory.

This war has two irreconcilable philosophies.
The “Globalists” – The upcoming government, with Joe Biden as the president, the Democrat Party, and a significant part of the Republican Party.
The “America First” – President Donald Trump’s supporters and a part of the Republican Party

The “Globalists,” which from now on I will call “America Last,” won a significant battle, the 2020 election.
There is no fraud, fair, or cheating in a war only a loser and a winner. In this battle, “America Last” is the winner and “America First” is the loser.

Following its great success, “America Last” went into a full-scale war for which “America First” was unprepared.
This war does not use guns, but a much more powerful weapon, control of communication and information,  “America Last” has won in Weaponizing the Internet.

With their allies, the “Big Tech” such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple, “America Last” managed to destroy “America First” channels of communications.
Again, it makes no difference if it is right, wrong, legal or not. It is a war; the final winner will decide what was correct and lawful.

“America First” did not see it coming.

“America Last” is celebrating their victories, and “America First” is licking their wounds and trying to re-group.

I belong to “America First.”
I believe that this full-scale war only started, and “America Last” is making a huge mistake by underestimating the resilience and dedication of “America First.”

11 August 2009 letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi from Dennis L. Guthrie.

Let’s help this man fulfill his ‘commitment’ to Pelosi by forwarding his thoughts.

If you have dificulties reading the picture of this letter, a clearer copy of this letter can be found below.

FACT CHECK: Dennis Guthrie Letter to Nancy Pelosi –

Origins:   The above-displayed image of an 11 August 2009 letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi from Dennis L. Guthrie, an attorney with the Charlotte, North Carolina, law firm of Guthrie, Davis, Henderson & Staton, began circulating on the Internet in late August 2009. We contacted Mr. Guthrie at the address included in the letterhead on which the letter was printed, and he confirmed that he did indeed write and send such a letter.

Last updated:   2 September 2009

About the writer of this letter; Dennis L. Guthrie

Born St. Louis , Missouri , August 21, 1944
Bar Admissions: North Carolina , 1969
U.S. District Court, Eastern, Middle and Western Districts of North Carolina , 1969
U.S. Tax Court
Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals
Education: Woodford College , 1966 A.B.
Mercer University, 1969 J.D.
Phi Alpha Delta
Vice-Justice, District XIV, 1968 – 1969
Professional Associations and Memberships:
North Carolina and American Bar Associations ( Member, Sections on: Administrative Law; General Practice; Litigation)
26th Judicial District and North Carolina State Bar
Mecklenburg County Bar Association
American Association of Justice
North Carolina Trial Lawyers Association
Captain , U.S. Army, 1969-1971, Vietnam
National Defense Medal, 1969
Republic of Viet Nam Service Media.
Bronze Star Medals (2), 1971
Assistant District Attorney, Mecklenburg County , 1971 – 1974
Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
Chairman, Board of Trustees Providence United Me thodist Church
Board of Directors, Alexander Children’s Home
Wofford Alumni Executive Council
Scoutmaster, Boy Scouts of America
Board of Directors, Boy Scouts of America of Mecklenburg County
Board of Directors, Girl Scout Council
Life Member, National Eagle Scout Association
Life Member, Girl Scouts of America


Dear Ms. Pelosi:

I write to you out of utter disdain! You are as despicable and un-American as the traitor Jane Fonda.

I am a soon to be 65 year-old who has voted in every state and local election since 1966.  I have voted for both Republicans and Democrats alike.  I have worked on campaigns for both Republicans and Democrats, white and black.  I served the country that I love in Vietnam , as my son did in the Middle East .  I was awarded two bronze stars.  I have been involved in politics since age 6 when my father was campaign manager for a truly great American Congressman, Charles Raper Jonas, who worked for his constituents and his country, and was to be admired, unlike you.

You obviously haven’t read the Constitution recently, if ever, the Federalist Papers, or even David McCulloughs book on John Adams. You ought to take the time while riding around in your government provided luxury executive jet to do just that. You represent Socialistic and even Marxist principals that our founding fathers tried to avoid when setting out the capitalistic republican form of government represented by our Constitution.

I find it interesting that you and your husband are multi-millionaires with much of your fortune being made as a result of your public service. You have controlled legislation that has enhanced your husband’s investments both on and off shore.  At the same time you redistributed the wealth of others.  Our system of a free market economy is being destroyed by the likes of you.   You ride around in a Gulfstream airplane at the tax payers expense while criticizing the presidents of companies who produced something for the economy.  You add nothing to the economy of the United States ; you only subtract therefrom.

I would like to suggest that you return to the city of fruitcakes and nuts and eat your husband’s canned tuna and pineapple produced by illegal immigrants and by workers who have been excluded from the protection that 90% of the legal workers in the United States have.

I await your defeat in the next election with glee…

Don’t ever use the term un-American again for protesters who love this country and are exercising their rights upon which this country was founded.  By the way, while I served in the Army, I was spit on by the same type of lunatics who support you and who you probably supported in the 60s and 70s.  You are an embarrassment to all of us who served so that you would have the protected right of free speech to call us un-American.  But at the same time, I have the right to write you to notify you that I consider you to be un-American, as do the majority of the people of this formerly great country.  You are a true disgrace to most of the people who served this country by offering themselves for public service in the United States Congress.

I feel certain your aides will not share this letter with you, but I intend to share it with many.




The American Form of Government.

What is a Government and what does it need?
A Government, any Government, is a group of power-hungry, self-serving Politicians. It makes very little difference to which party the Politicians affiliate themselves, they are all motivated by the same self-serving interests.
There is a constant war – Politicians, AKA Government, against Individualism.
Politicians, AKA Government, need a controlled herd of voters, not free spirit individuals.

Democracy / Social Democracy is the road to Oligarchy / Communism
Democracy means Bigger Government = More Politicians.
The optimum is Government control all.
The Democrat Ideology is a mob rule, where 51% can take all from the remaining 49%
Where the majority can vote how to distribute the possessions of the individuals by way of taxation, confiscation or whatever the democratic majority chooses.
The Politicians, AKA Government, are brainwashing and raising, a generation of dependents that will march and fight to abolish their own rights and freedom.

The constitutional Republic and the 2ND Amendment
The constitutional Republic and the 2ND Amendment hold un-infringeable and unconditional Individual rights, created to safeguard the Individual and protect him from the Democratic Ideology and the Politicians, AKA Government.
The USA is not a Democracy. The USA is a Constitutional Republic; a fact Politicians, AKA Government, try very hard to obscure.
The Politicians, AKA Government, hates the 2ND Amendment, it is the biggest obstacle in their journey to absolute control.

Governments have a natural thirst to take control of more and more.
The USA Government was created to handle the minimum, only what is an utmost necessity, all the rest was left for the free spirit Individuals to control.
Over the years, with their unlimited thirst for power and control, the Politicians, AKA Government, took over much more than what they are entitled to and allowed by the constitution.
The rule is a simple one; The Bigger the Government the Smaller is the Individual.

Governments, Individuals and Gun Control


A Government is a collection of professional politicians, using their position to enrich and empower themselves.
A Government is the mortal enemy of Individualism

There are various Governments:
City, County, State, and Federal.

There is no such thing as a Good Government.
They are an evil necessity.

Any Government is a form of Tyranny, enslaving the Individual.
Some Governments are mildly tolerable, some are less tolerable, and some are intolerable.

The goal of a Government is to control the Individual.
This control is limited if the Individual is armed.

Governments desire to disarm the Individual; they will manipulate the ignorant masses to demand Gun Control.

 A human tragedy like Mass Murder serves Governments.
Government uses Mass Murder to push its agenda.
It does not serve a Government’s interest to take real action to reduce the occurrence of Mass Murder
Instead of arming and training the Individual and eliminating the so-called “Safe Zones”, the Government uses Mass Murder to further disarm the Individual and destroy the Second Amendment.

Any Government that enforces any form of gun control and violates the Second Amendment is an Intolerable Government and must be fought and overthrown.

The demise of masculinity

Aussie Nationalist Blog

Increasingly, the males of 2016 find themselves in a confused, bewildered state. Changed gender relations have improved much, but there have been plenty of negative consequences also.

“I Feel Sorry For Real Men In The Millennial Generation”, Right Wing News, October 13, 2015:

Men have it rougher in America than most people realize. In part, that’s because they’re one of the few groups (along with white people, conservatives and Christians) it’s cool to crap on at every opportunity. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a non-stop assault on masculinity in America. Just to give you an idea of what I mean by that, here are articles written that show up on the first three pages of Google when you do a search for “masculinity.”

Mass Killings in the U.S.: Masculinity, Masculinity, Masculinity

Die Like a Man: The Toxic Masculinity of Breaking Bad

Why We Need to Reimagine Masculinity

Masculinity Is…

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