Can we trust a Politician?

Hillary & Bernie

Career Politicians are the root of America's problems

Absolutely NOT!

He/She can be a Democrat, Republican or Independent, it makes no difference, No Career Politician can be trusted!

They all have the same common denominator.
Same trade – Career Politicians
To be successful in this highly competitive trade, the Career Politician MUST have unlimited desire and appetite to win, conquer, have power and to control.
The Career Politician MUST be capable of ANYTHING in order to win and capture more political power.
This ANYTHING includes Immoral, Illegal and Criminal actions of the extreme.
Without such capabilities a wannabe Career Politician will fail.
He will lose to a real Career Politician; one that possesses these abilities.

A Career Politician MUST be able to deceive and lie regularly.
A Career Politician MUST bargain, negotiate and compromise any Ideology, he/she presumes to have.
A Career Politician must be able to betray old allies and friends for political gain.
A Career Politician MUST be able to sacrifice Other Individuals’ rights even life if he/she believes it is necessary for his/her political advancement or survival.

So how come we allow such untrustworthy Individuals to govern us?
The answer is simple,
They are the only individuals that choose this trade of Career Politicians.
They are the only Individuals that can SURVIVE in this trade.
They are the only Individuals that “apply for the job”, the only group to choose from.

If all human beings were “Pure Angels”, there would be no need for Governments, Politicians, rules or regulations.

We, the Other Individuals, are not Angels
Career Politicians are for sure not Angels, they are much worse.

In the real world – Government is a necessity
Laws, rules, and regulations are a necessity
In a Republic / Democratic Society Individuals will always be Governed by Career Politicians

It is important to remember at all times what kind of individuals are the Career Politicians that govern us.

The unaltered Second Amendment is the only protection the Other Individuals have against the abuse of power by the elected Career Politicians.