USA Government

About Government, Career Politicians, and the Other Individuals

The USA Government and the Voting Citizens in simple English:
The government is an organization consisting of Individuals.

The government does not have its own agenda, feelings, ideas, desires, nor any other human attributes.

Each of the Individuals elected to the Government, have his/her own individual agenda, feelings, ideas, desires, and human attributes.

An individual that desires to govern, to rule over others, needs to choose the trade of a Career Politician.

He then needs to win enough votes from his/her constituency (the individuals he is going to govern, to rule over) so he will be elected into the Government.

The success of a Career Politician is measured by one outcome – Did he win and was elected
If he was not elected, he can change his trade or carry on hoping to be a winner in the next election.

If he wins, his work is done until the next election, he is now governing, ruling over, his constituency.

If he is allowed to and aims to run again at the end of his term, he may need to give some consideration to what he portrays and declares during his election campaign, as he will need to convince his constituency to elect him again

To recap; we have a “shell” and two grades /groups of Individuals.

  • The “shell” the organization called “Government” that contained the elected Individuals
  • The elected governing Individuals, all of them with one common denominator, the same trade, they are all Career Politicians.
  • The rest of the Individuals living under, governed and ruled by the Government – The Other Individuals

A Career Politician desires to govern, to rule over The other Individuals, he/she wants to execute his/her governing with the minimum restrictions, and with as much freedom and authority as he/she can get away with.

The elected Career Politicians fight each other inside the Government for control and power, they form alliances to defeat agendas, not to their liking.
They negotiate, compromise and produce government decisions which are the end results of many gives and takes.
The negotiated and compromised decisions that the Government produces does not completely please any of the Career Politicians, nor the other Individuals under their control, this is the standard outcome in a democracy.

There is one thing the Career Politicians are in full agreement upon, that being the special privileges they grant themselves, such as; their special medical Insurance program and their generous for life pension payments, earned after an extremely short term of “service”.
These self-served privileges are separating them from the Other Individuals.

This holds true for the Democrats, Republican and Independent Career Politicians, they are all the same, it is “part of the trade”, of being a Career Politician

The Other Individuals.
1.  Need the Government; they acknowledge that without governing and rules, chaos will prevail.
2.  Strive for a balance between the power given to or taken by the Career Politicians and the need for law and order.
3.  Must restrain the Career Politicians and limit the abuse of their governing powers and privileges.

And this what brings us to discuss the Constitution and especially The Second Amendment

The Constitution
The United States of America is unique among all the nations on earth.
It is a modern republic, based on a supreme man-made law – The Constitution of the United States.

Plain and Simple;
The Constitution was created to protect the Other Individuals from greater abuse by Career Politicians.

The Career Politicians MUST swear, MUST take an oath, that they will protect and uphold the Constitution.
Without declaring their undying commitment to defend and uphold the Constitution they can’t remain elected; they can’t be winners.
Even if their goal is to eliminate the constitution they will falsely swear they intend to protect it!

The Second Amendment was created in order to give the Other Individuals a fighting chance against rogue Career Politicians that act in contradiction to the Constitution.

The Second Amendment is the greatest threat to an elected unconstitutional American Career Politician.

One thing is for sure; if the unconstitutional Career Politicians win and the Second Amendment is destroyed, then the First Amendment and the rest of the constitution will follow.

There always was, and always will be, a battle between the unconstitutional elected Career Politicians, that want to amend and destroy the Second Amendment, and the Other Individuals, that want to preserve the Second Amendment for their safety.

To recap: The unconstitutional elected Career Politicians are the natural enemies of the Second Amendment.
The Other Individuals and a few constitutional elected Career Politicians are the Protectors of the Second Amendment.

There is a war between the unconstitutional elected Career Politicians and the Other Individuals about the Second Amendment.
In this war, the unconstitutional elected Career Politicians are slowly wining.