Video Discovered of Johnny Cash giving THIS Message to Flag Burning Liberals


The Angry Patriot

As luck would have it, Johnny had something to say to people that want to protest by burning the American Flag… “We’ve also got a right to bear arms and if you burn my flag, I’ll shoot ya.”

Oh yeah, this is classic Johnny!

The video is below and it might be a little grainy, but it is sure worth the five minutes to give it a look…

I wonder how Johnny would feel about good ole’ Obama trying to take his guns away?

My guess is he would say, “Come and Take It!”

I really needed this today Johnny, because it’s been a tough one. Thanks for getting me back on track!

Are you a Johnny Cash fan? Where you by chance at this show? Share the story on Facebook and tell us your favorite Johnny Cash story because, well, I just want hear about it!

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