Iran Nuclear Deal repetition of North Korea Deal

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Shurat HaDin – Israel Law Center
February 8 at 10:21am

History Is Repeating Itself
1994 Bill Clinton –  2015 Barack Obama
Dear Friends, twenty-two years ago US President Bill Clinton brokered a deal with North Korea to reign in its nuclear program. Clinton stated confidently that this agreement would end the threat of nuclear proliferation in the Korean Peninsula and was “good for the safety of the entire world.” Since the agreement was reached, North Korea has not only obtained the ability to produce nuclear weapons, but just recently launched a long-range rocket into space, which is widely being viewed as a veiled nuclear missile test.

Today, history seems to be repeating itself. Only a few months after US President Barack Obama brokered a Nuclear Agreement with Iran, warmly welcoming the Islamic Republic back into the community of nations, Iran has only escalated its provocations and rhetoric. In the build up to and following the Nuclear Agreement, Iran has tested missiles specifically designed to carry a nuclear payload, kidnapped US sailors, financed the speedy construction of Hamas terror tunnels and is likely on track to become the latest nuclear-armed terror state.

It’s time to learn from history. We cannot capitulate to terror, but must fight it using all means available to us within the law.

Shurat HaDin
Fighting Terrorism – Doing Justice.

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