The Republican establishment – Traitors

Judge Jeanine Warns Treasonous GOP Elites – Revolution Is Coming, Be Very Careful

Judge Pirro leads off her Opening Statement segment saying, “So, you don’t like Donald Trump,” as she jumps to an example of the power grabbing by the establishment elites. “You’re going to create a ‘unity ticket’ of other candidates to make sure that he doesn’t win. Say again?” Judge Jeanine then explores the fallacies, risks, and recklessness of that approach.

“You want to stop one of the biggest vote getter in your own party’s Republican primary history? Donald Trump must be stopped is the Republican Party’s mantra. Hey, I didn’t always like my party’s choice for president but I generally supported him.”

She observes, “Good that Trump is a white male otherwise they’d be accused of being racist. And lucky Trump’s not gay; otherwise the Republican Party would be accused of being homophobic. So let me see if I understand this. The guy who keeps winning, despite his being called a misogynist, a racist, a xenophobe, who has more than fifty percent of the delegates with even as many as seventeen other Republicans in those primaries, and the Republican Party’s mission is to block Trump’s nomination? What are you guys smoking?”

She asks herself why the Republicans would try to sabotage their own frontrunner and risk a Democrat winning the White House and acknowledges that she keeps coming up with the same answer. The Republican establishment elected officials and party leaders are in bed with the Democrats. So if Hillary wins, nothing’s lost for them. It’s business as usual, the lobbyists keep their offices on “K” St, the pharmaceutical companies keep paying them, the unions keep adding to their pensions and the lawmakers get their reelection bribes, I mean, contributions.”

She continues, “While we, the underclass, have to work two and three jobs, rack up a debt our children and grandchildren are going to have to pay for generations. And to scare you into submission, they predict Trump cannot win the general election.” She asks if that is the case, then “Why does he keep winning the primaries and drawing crowds like we’ve never seen in American primary history

She cites statistics which indicate that in addition to appealing to the base, Trump is winning with independents and Democrats as well, asking, “Does that not bode well for the general election, especially against an establishment politician most people consider untrustworthy and dishonest?

“So now they say he’s divisive,” says Pirro, who then points out that all of the chaos-dispensing  groups predate Trump, including Black Lives Matter and, as well as the melees in Ferguson and Baltimore. She calls it astonishing that the Republicans are plotting against their own frontrunner.  But she knows why.

She notes that under the current political configuration, no matter who wins, the entrenched power structure doesn’t lose. Their jobs, offices and lifestyles remain intact as they “continue on their treadmill of DC money and power.  The party elders are petrified of Trump. The man is beholden to no one. He wins and it’s game over for the elites. With Hillary, the game goes on.”

Judge Pirro warns, “Heads up Washington, we’re not listening to you anymore because we’re fed up. You haven’t fixed a damn thing and we can’t take it anymore; the lies, the corruption, the debt, the taxes, the invasion, the freebies, the lack of accountability, sanctuary cities, religions forced to violate their own faith by providing birth control at the altar of Obamacare.”

She describes what is wrong with the direction the nation is being led and how we will not allow it to continue, how the good guys in law enforcement and our military are not the enemy and the anti-American forces currently manipulating many Americans are not our friends.

She closes saying, “You know from the beginning, we knew this would be a political revolution. Be careful boys, be very, very careful. You don’t want to make this a different kind of revolution.”

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