Mass Shooters’ Support Groups – MSSG

Who are the Mass Shooters’ Support Groups (MSSG)?
Organizations that promote safe zones for people planning Mass Shootings, doing it by campaigning for:
Gun Free Zones
Gun Control Laws
Other similar deceivingly named actions and agendas.
All significantly contribute to Mass Shooting, causing life loss by eliminating an immediate response and quick neutralization of mass murderers.

Why do we have MSSG?
The human desire for limitless power and control is endless; Governments and Globalists must disarm the population to achieve such control.
Governments and Globalists fear an armed population that can fight tyranny.
Governments and Globalists spend billions of dollars to miseducate, misinform, create fear, and manipulate people to support MSSG.

How to fight the MSSG?
Correct Information and Education.
Expose the Governments and Globalists lies.
Make the facts known; the controlled and biased propaganda channels will not do it.
It is not enough to understand that a Mass Shooter will always prefer a Gun Free Zone to carry on his plan.
It is not enough to understand that a potential Mass Shooter will have a second thought if he is guaranteed to find the targeted victims armed or defended by onsite armed guards and not at his mercy until the police arrive.
The campaign by MSSG will Always ignore such logic and hide facts that destroy their narratives.

Fight the misinformation in the biased propaganda channels.
Make the facts known
Mass shootings in Gun Free Zones compare to Mass shootings in places with no restrictions on carrying a gun.
Mass Shooter stopped by individuals BEFORE the police arrived fatality counts compared with fatality count where all targeted victims were unarmed.
The adverse effects of establishing a Gun Free Zone are increasing, not decreasing, mass shootings.

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