Hamas is an Islamic Terror Organization

They are so worried about the Palestinian rights- let’s talk about Jewish rights for a second.

Where is the Left’s demand for Jewish rights in the Palestinian state they so wish for? What about this fundamental term?

They are in love with wrapping themselves with words like “rights”, “tolerance” and “democracy”, but these words fade when you ask them if they would demand ‘Hamas’ to recognize the Jews right to establish a synagogue in Gaza, not to mention gays right to open a night club. Chances are you will get an answer along the lines of: “this is an inner Palestinian issue” (Referring to the indifference of the Left to some ‘Human’s rights’ orgs extradition of innocent Palestinians to death & torture by the Palestinian authorities – for selling land to Jews).

For them, the minimum expectations that make us human, don’t apply when you talk about the Arabs. Apparently, to them, Arabs are sub-humans and are not to be expected of more.

The true face of Israel’s radical “human rights” activists – https://goo.gl/K7TEBw


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