Teaching Math in 1956 VS 2056


APRIL 11, 2016 BY

As you know, our country is in serious trouble due to the infestation of liberalism. Liberals are hell bent on destroying America and erasing our history as the most powerful nation in the world. That embarrasses the libs. It’s not fair to be powerful. “That’s not who we are,” as Hussein Obama says.

Back in the 1950’s life was great. America was booming. Patriotism was abundant. We worked hard and thanked God for his blessings.

But now, in 2016 life in America is filled with hate, entitlements, unemployment, racism, anti-law sentiment and anti-Americanism- all because of these filthy progressive liberals.

Anyways, I came upon this from Allen West and wanted to pass it on.
“This little meme manages to cover changing values, the dumbing down of our society, Common Core, and would normally stop at liberal progressivism in 2016 for the punchline. But now it has an ending you might not necessarily find amusing. If you want a nightmarish vision of our future, check out the prediction for 2056. It’s pretty much already happening in the UK.”


#5 is humorous as it shows what idiots that liberals are.

#6 is not something to laugh about and should serve as a warning to all of us that these people are on a mission. And our president and his sheep are fast tracking the Muslim takeover of The United States.

8 years ago we were safe. Today, we are under attack by radical Islam from within. They’re here. And they hate you and I.


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